Teach you how to identify the quality of glass?

The inspection of the glass sheet, the quality of the appearance is mainly to check the flatness, to observe the presence or absence of quality defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots. The glass with such defects will be deformed during use, reducin ......Reading more

What are the special meanings of jade?

The ancients believed that cockroaches were high-clean things, so the ancients once praised it as "beyond the turbidity, to float outside the dust" and the ornaments carved with enamel images have always been popular. People think that in addition to the beautifu ......Reading more

Retro fashion black dress fashion wild the most thin

This June 3 hearing, the simple design of the little black dress has always been a versatile and easy-to-wear fashion item. At the same time, it is also a must-have item for white-collar workers in the workplace. I can't think of what I need to wear today. I wear a black dress. It must be righ ......Reading more

Moustia floral dress cool and beautiful co-exist

The hot summer weather, Misia Floral Korean women's irregular dress blue dress will make you feel like in the sea, enjoy the boundless sea breeze, cool and beautiful coexist, comfortable and stylish dance. Tensed clear silk fabric, irregular skirt design, uninhibited fashion persona ......Reading more

Summer tide printing T-shirt where to buy Holymoly give…

In summer, a variety of printed T-shirt is always the trend of men and women will enter the style, the number will not crowded to live in the closet. For dealers, in the summer to choose a good T shirt brand is crucial! Holymoly Extreme fashion brand, this summer launched a series of printed T-shir ......Reading more

Oulanka brand women to create a lively life charm

Fashion is a life attitude, it reflects you in life, is confident, elegant, refined or casual. Oulanka brand women in the beautiful European style infiltrating the ancient Oriental China's soft elegant style, show the Chinese women rigid and flexible fresh charm. Deep forest green m ......Reading more