Winter Street beat with coats street wear

Like to shop in the afternoon of winter, whether it is a sunset afternoon or hazy afternoon, like to watch the streets of fashionable women wear, to capture the trend of the new era. Fashionable street girl will always present their most graceful side in front of everyone. The following with the l ......Reading more

Hetian jade features

Hetian jade is the result of the creation of the gods. It is unique only to Hetian, Xinjiang, China. Its origin is on the north slope of Xikundun, Xinjiang, China, above the snow line at 4,500 meters above sea level. What are the characteristics of such a precious Hetian j ......Reading more

Emerald knowledge of snowflake

Those who know jade knowledge and experienced people know the emerald snowflake. There are many types of jade cotton, and snowflake cotton is a special one, which is caused by a special geological environment. Moreover, it is necessary to form snowflake cotton in a low tem ......Reading more

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Women's 2015 Early Autu…

At the moment of the autumn/winter fashion week 2015, Louis Vuitton finally released the first early autumn series designed by Nicolas G since he took office. Nicolas has no new tricks this time, and is still in the 70s. Long Sleeve Button Down ShirtsLong Sleeve Button Down Shirts,Long Sleeve Flann ......Reading more

Dotacok Yi Ke women's 2015 spring sweater single pr…

Dotacok Women's 2015 Spring Sweater New Release, when the autumn and winter season of the year 14 and 15 rolled up 60'S MOD STYLE, the British Academy Wind, and the gentleman of neutral gentleman's dress, you managed a variety of matching skills to attend the Christmas party and the New ......Reading more

Casual shoes brand Hush Puppies 2015 spring and summer …

Nowadays, when seeing the Basset Hound, the first reaction of the hipsters is the American casual shoes brand Hush Puppies, which is known for its casual and fashionable style. Today's shoes that show their individuality are not only a step-down, but also a symbol of personal tast ......Reading more

Birman 2015 spring and summer new dress market

After the beginning of spring, the weather began to slowly pick up, Bin Man 2015 spring and summer new dress will also be listed! For the beauty of women, after a winter and bloated clothing tired together is finally over, and immediately be able to wear fashionable spring and summer dresses, show ......Reading more