Lufthansa Fashion Women 2011 autumn and winter flash of…

In Europe since the birth date has been the pursuit of quality of life, love the art of women respected. Lusha is known for its restrained fashion and elegant elegance, revealing a distinctive art scene, showing extraordinary quality and unique taste, Lusha is considered to be a young and elegant ......Reading more

Jadeite price increase can obviously rise how long

Recently, the news that the price of jadeite skyrocketed in various media reports from time to time, has always been known as the "crazy stone" of the emerald, once again become a hot topic of discussion. However, different from the past, in the face of the current jadeite market ......Reading more

Online store seller spike preparation

[China Glass Network] 1. As a seller, you must have a psychological preparation for failure in the spike event. Don't think that you have made the profit, there is no reason not to succeed. You know, your thoughts don't necessarily agree with others. The important thin ......Reading more

Summary of the issue of purchase orders

[China Glass Network] The definition of the purchase order is actually a simple sentence: "A company that does not have the right to export buys the verification form of others and exports it in the name of another import and export company." However, many people do ......Reading more

Have Camille Women to do aesthetic, taste, intellectual…

GAIA GIRL Galia originates from the world of clothing, the Kingdom of Italy, is a leading fashion brand leading the international fashion trends, interpretation of "taste fashion, free personality", GAIA GIRL transliteration: (Gaiya) Ancient Greek mythology, The mother of the earth's ......Reading more

Spring and summer 2011 seven girls color forecast

2011 spring and summer children's wear has brought us many different styles of color story. "American tradition" and "return to simple" two colors for the style of concise style is not complicated. The classic colors of red, white and hiding blue play a decisive role in all ......Reading more

The classic undefeated pearl collar in the 50s

Lead: Always with pearls and black is the most classic ride, has been extended to the modern high fashion. The pearl collar was very hot in the 50's, when it was popular with a very close knit sweater, such as the following: Of course, in the 1960s inspired by Audrey Hepburn's "Break ......Reading more