ZEGDA Chia Tai retro sweater early autumn and fall flexible and take a stylish

Ben Wang, October 22 hearing, retro style campus with a deep atmosphere of the book, in the fashion cycle by ZEGDA Chia Tai push this season's trend line, the 70's campus charm retro style in this fall and set a new barometer . In terms of style, cardigan sweaters, shirts, crew neck sweaters, jackets; color and pattern, hit color, stripes, squares; accessories, badges, horns, buckles, are laid the basis for the retro campus style, which is ZEGDA this season The core theme.

The vintage college style has always been popular with fashionistas, and the cool autumn is the world of sweaters. It is not equipped with several pieces in the closet this fall. How can we keep up with the pace of fashion?

Retro College Style: Cardigan Sweater + Plaid Shirt

Large V-neck wool skirt lined with a plaid shirt, which matches the core elements of the retro campus series

Large V-neck wool skirts lined with plaid shirts, fit the core elements of the retro campus series, both to highlight the graceful posture and unconventional. Cardigan sweater shirt, but also the classic impression of the school. In particular, dark sweaters add light-colored lines, make the cut more three-dimensional, breathable and comfortable, take a lattice element shirt, college style personality highlights. Vitality, there is a bookish but not old-fashioned.

James Style Van: Pullover + Collar Shirt

The classic V-neck blue pullover is an indispensable fashion item for school winds

The classic V-neck blue pullover is an indispensable fashion piece for school winds. How to wear a different temperament it must be carried within the same elements, it will not be unexpected. Showing a small collar and cuffs is the key to wearing. Bold with hit-in color pants, it made a big difference. Wearing a shirt inside the pullover shirt is a gentle and elegant temperament. The shirt must be fresh, otherwise it is too boring. The female model wears a thick yellow sweater with the same color plaid shirt, with a conservative mix, without loss of vitality and a little bit of Sven, classic collocation.

Refreshing Sweet Line: Red Horn Button Button Sweater + Jeans

Red crochet button sweater brings a strong British touch

A red crochet button sweater brings a strong British touch, a classic stripe pattern, and a stylish look. It can be retro-styled and casual, and it is a fashionable and versatile fall item. With casual cotton T or plaid shirt is a good choice, accessories is a simple scarf, scarf can show the unique personality of the dresser. Red eye-catching sweater, with fitted jeans or boots pants, simple, refreshing, graceful, but also with the sweet taste of the slightest trace.

Summary: ZEGDA’s retro trend in the autumn and winter campuses is rooted in the designer’s re-interpretation of the classic retro, red, blue, yellow, gray, plaid, crochet buttons, cardigan or pullover, a series of classic regression, giving consumers multiple select. Red sweater with leather horn button, classic style. Light and soft and simple sweater, infiltrated into the shape of the old badge, adding thick hat collar and other details, bright and soft colors, is the best choice for detail paranoia.

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