Yong Qi core project to build children's clothing brand 'blue elf'

Yong Qi core project, heavily to build children's clothing brand ----- Blue Elf, through the product \ concept \ image \ management \ service \ marketing six major aspects of the upgrade, strong professional level for your investment management services, allowing you In the process of cooperation with us relaxed! "Blue Elf" brand chain stores, with a huge loyal consumer groups, with a strong product force and brand impact. Rich variety of products, brand products more sustainable and development. Color, cartoon graphics, image decoration features, taste. Style Series Strong sense of superior design lineup, efficient production capacity, can be designed for your area of ​​market-specific style, suitable for all consumer habits. Affordable, high-quality, strong product quality assurance, after the set of good service, the implementation of 7 days in any chain stores in the country due to replacement, to the chain of marketing model to expand the market in the country to regulate the operation of the market, the uniform price system , A unified image of style, unified marketing programs, unified management standards, unified product quality. . . Improve the sales path structure, after-sales service management, efficient information feedback processing system in the country to establish advanced computer network management system, improve the headquarters and stores, shops and stores, stores within the cashier and cash register computer management system. Implementation of regional management and management system to ensure that the franchise business district and profit margins, enjoy the "Blue Elf" registered trademark for the agreed right to use and product management rights, a full range of training, management programs, consulting and application of VI Item support, personal tracking guide, with store management. Project Contact: Manager Li QQ: Tel: A variety of risks and a total of joining, easy and comfortable mode of operation: such as franchising, cooperative management, agency, special distribution. Unique marketing ideas and strategies to adapt to different regions and different strength of the dealer business, the choice of large.

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Textile Machinery Parts

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