Yikang Home teaches you to choose home textiles from different angles

1. From the perspective of environmental design

The use of home textile products in the living environment is a prominent point in the overall harmony. It is necessary to consider the coordination with the room environment and the speciality of the room function. It is necessary to pay attention to the unity of the local decoration and the overall style of the home environment.

In addition, different fabrics will produce different effects. The cotton linen is exquisite and warm, the printed fabric is natural, the satin is rich and gorgeous, the velvet is elegant and solemn. The texture is rough and the feeling is smooth, the texture is smooth and cool. The different visual effects of the fabric are different. The atmosphere of creation is different, and it can be chosen according to your pursuit and taste.

2, from the perspective of health care

Studies have shown that one third of human life is in a state of sleep, and whether the human body can get enough rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body. Nowadays, we advocate the health and environmental protection of household products. Nowadays, we are popular in the slow rebound space memory pillow, cotton and linen series pillows, chrysanthemums and other natural materials pillows, medical stone pillows, latex pillows and other health care products, mattresses with memory foam mattresses and Latex mattresses are much more comfortable than traditional spring mattresses.

3. Starting from the purpose of purchase

If the gift should be based on the object of the gift, the wedding must be a bit more festive. Sending a new relocated friend should consider the environment of the new home. For everyday use, a simple, convenient and practical one-piece combination is a good choice. You can change colors and create different atmospheres as the season changes and your personal needs.

4, from the quality of the product

1) Fabric: The quality of the fabric should be checked first when purchasing home textile products. The quality of the fabric is firstly the thickness and density of the yarn. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the cotton, the softer the hand, the more lustrous, and the higher the production process requirements. Therefore, the higher the density of the fabric, the better the quality of the fabric, the better the product. Shows a noble, luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

The qualified fabrics of regular manufacturers are generally: 75*75, 133*72, yarns 45*45 or 40*40, high-density high-density cotton fabrics with latitude and longitude up to 173*124, 140*140, yarn count: 60* 60, 60*40. Secondly, the quality of the fabric lies in its printing and dyeing. Good quality products, its pattern printing and dyeing is better, there is no printing, color difference, no dirt, discoloration phenomenon, and fake and inferior products have obvious color difference, printing, decolorization.

2) Filler: Filler is an important part of the hygiene protection and warmth, breathability and durability of home textile products. Such as wool, down and cotton, no impurities, no odor; and fake and inferior products are mixed with inferior chemical fiber, or the use of ordinary acrylic cotton, this product is not smooth, not soft, poor bulk, poor breathability . At present, some home textile products on the market are hand-made cotton-like or spray-coated styling fibers. As the use time is extended, the fiber elastic loss is crushed and shrinks and agglomerates. The peripheral angle of the product is easy to remove cotton.

3) Processing process stitches: regular factory workmanship is exquisite, smooth, no needle eye, flat seam stitching is generally 10-12 needles / 3CM, while fake and inferior products have long cable traces, obvious pinholes, uneven stitches, etc. phenomenon.

Pattern: Select the product should pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern. If there are seams on the left and right sides, the pattern is symmetrical, the face and the lining pattern are not reversed, and the stripes and the grid are symmetrical and opposite.

Quilting: The pattern is even; the track should be smooth, without wrinkles.

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