YAOLY (YAOLY) Women invites national franchisees

If you are a distributor of a women's clothing market, you will be able to feel how fierce the current competition is. If you do not have a certain "backing", you will soon be out of the market. How can we make a good development in the current market? This problem seems to have been plaguing the majority of dealers. After a brief analysis of the market, we can see that the current market is being divided up by branded companies. If you are still operating bulk goods at the moment, it will be sooner or later when it is eliminated by the market. However, some franchisees of branded companies have not developed very well. This can only show that the brands you have joined, their overall strength, and their reactions to market changes are somewhat unreasonable, giving you a platform for development that is not very stable. If you want to join a brand with comprehensive strength that is ok and can bring more economic benefits for everyone, Xiao Bian can recommend it to you: YAOLY, the brand of white-collar fashion company.

White-collar Fashion Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979. It specializes in women's clothing design and brand marketing. It has very strong brand operation experience. Constantly introduce new design concepts, attach importance to cooperation with all parties, use of resource sharing, and give full play to their complementary advantages, so as to better serve distributors and consumers. Brand companies insist on building a harmonious team of honest people, work, and daring to undertake, constantly pursuing new knowledge, dare to innovate, and create a century-old brand. At present, the company has two subsidiaries in Beijing and Guangzhou, and more than 200 franchisees nationwide have joined the company. In response to the rhythm and direction of the company's development, the headquarters has entered Shenzhen. Our transformation and breakthrough will inject new vitality into the domestic luxury goods market.

Now, white-collar Fashion Co., Ltd.'s brand - YAOLY (YAOLY) women's clothing companies are joining the country for investment. If you are interested, you can leave a message or call now. Brand companies will get in touch with you the first time, negotiate to join related issues. Above we simply understand the brand's overall strength and the current market development. Now let Xiaobian take everyone to see YAOLY.

YAOLY Women's clothing products are diversified, with a large number of models, a large number of colors, and a large variety of colors. They are available in different sizes (2-7). They are suitable for customers of all sizes. The prices are in the mid- to high-price range and are in line with the consumption level of the mass groups. You can also embrace High Fashion. Three dress styles:

Classic style

The classic style is an image that has been repeatedly refined, relatively mature, and relatively traditional. It has a fixed appearance and inner quality, and has the value and universality beyond the times.

Business style

Business casual style, fashion without exaggeration and strong tolerance, suitable for urban fashion women, young white-collar workers, women with unique confidence, have their own aesthetics, and have the courage to interpret personal style.

Casual style

Casual style is based on wearing and visually relaxed, casual and comfortable. The fabrics are made of natural fabrics, such as coarse cotton and suede leather, and emphasize the texture of the fabrics such as wrinkles, washing, grinding holes, aging, or coating of fabrics, matt processing, etc. to create a natural and comfortable effect.

The above clothing style can meet the different needs of consumers' dress. Joining such a brand will give you more franchise support, and it will also allow the shop's product line to be more plentiful and available to consumers. Now, YAOLY women's clothing is joined by dealers nationwide. Is it right for you to come into the YAOLY family?

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