Y-3 sports shoes pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of personality

The Crossover fashion is a major element of Y-3's success. Crossover originally meant cross-border cooperation. From the perspective of some professionals, behind the “mixing” is the integration trend of various industries. The barriers between industries are eliminated. On the other hand, it is because the creation of fresh experiences requires the introduction of external forces. Nicole said: "It is not a pure sports style, but it absorbed the essence of sports style and the fashion designer's fashion concept, and its breakthrough combination."

The formation of Y-3 is the idea of ​​the world-famous clothing designer Yohji Yamamoto colliding with Adidas. Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto (Yokomoto Yamamoto) and 3 stands for Adidas' classic three-stripe logo. Initially, Adidas hopes to add fashion elements to its sports shoes, and then invited Yohji Yamamoto to design. As a result, Yohji Yamamoto for Adiads, which has a global limit of 50,000 pairs, was born and sold out within a few days of its launch. The product is so sought after, so that both parties have the idea of ​​long-term cooperation. They found that for people who are pursuing fashion and pursuing individuality, Gucci and other brands are too formal in their everyday wear, and existing casual brands are too casual and popular. Based on this finding, Yohji Yamamoto joined the Adidas, and he focused on changing the formula's sports fashion attitude. This repositioned Sport Wear and created a casual design brand Y-3 with a high sense of design.

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