Winter Street beat with coats street wear

Like to shop in the afternoon of winter, whether it is a sunset afternoon or hazy afternoon, like to watch the streets of fashionable women wear, to capture the trend of the new era. Fashionable street girl will always present their most graceful side in front of everyone. The following with the lens to experience the winter fashion and aesthetic.

万泽丰 - WONDERFUL beauty

Sky blue, in the winter will always give hope and vitality. This blue woolen coat uses top-quality fabrics and international advanced splicing techniques to give a top-ranking upper body effect. Stand-collar version of the type, fold the clothes pendulum splicing, set off the women graceful and tranquil. With white Slim pants and black high-heeled shoes, take away all the attention.

冬季街拍搭配 呢子大衣街头穿搭

Cycling, headphones, magazines, filling the new generation of women's trends and personality.å—¾ make the logo of fashion, impressive. Vibrant vitality of the orange, age-reducing skin, with a gray woolen jacket and navy slacks, filling the streets of personality mix and match the wind. You can also try beauty it.

Picture credit: WONDERFUL beauty womenswear

Lady Blazer

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