What clothes more personality? Retro personality loaded strongly attacked

In an increasingly personalized era, with the opening of people's thinking and the strong European style hit, the retro personality of the clothing is very popular. Different from the beautiful and seductive woman, the personality of girls is more temperament and mystery. Here are two fashion personality ladies , retro atmosphere gives you a unique elegant Yun.

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This set of simple and elegant dress style, retro was thin color but also very fashionable, suitable for a variety of stature girls. Microfolds full of clothes design, high-quality fabric personal comfort, gray-blue jacket with the maroon pants, the following with a pair of black Oxford shoes, personality and temperament.


Simple camel shirt is very retro, with the same color buttons embellishment, black belt decoration, as a whole more sub-fashion sense. Put on the gray fur collar dotted knit shawl, very Yayun. The following with a black skirt, more feminine.

Picture from: Italy and Australia Women

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