What are the special meanings of jade?

The ancients believed that cockroaches were high-clean things, so the ancients once praised it as "beyond the turbidity, to float outside the dust" and the ornaments carved with enamel images have always been popular. People think that in addition to the beautiful appearance, It also has a unique meaning.

There is such a traditional saying in ancient China that there is a characteristic of the prophetic consciousness that can predict what people do not know. And the dragonfly can drill into the soil from the tree in the autumn, and climb back to the tree when the spring blossoms, so that the cycle is repeated and the life is endless. Therefore, the ancients believed that the jade in the late population could be expected. Its reincarnation.

If you don't eat the fireworks, you will make a living, so you have the meaning of "high clean". And this kind of character is more like a person living in modern society. When fighting for the ideal, like a donkey, you have to endure the damp and dark environment and face all kinds of difficulties and pressures. And one day, it broke out and flew to the big tree of dreams.

Yuxi has the saying of “transformation and high sound”, which represents a spirit of optimism and perseverance. Wearing jade ornaments can increase wealth.

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