Thousands of Hui 2015 Winter Order - Anhui Guoyang customers to join

Chinese famous brand " Thousands of Hui ", China's top ten women's brand achievements of your career.

Thousands of Hui in 1996 so far, good reputation, high profile, complete products, new styles.


Ms. Zhang, an owner of Anhui Guoyang New Shop, is a 90-year-old girl who has 3 years experience in the apparel industry. She has been working with a relative in Jinhua for a European time and then opened a Mark Fairwhale in her hometown Guoyang, Anhui Province. Women's clothing store, women's clothing store location (Bandung International) is also the best mall in Guoyang County, because of shopping malls adjustment, Ms. Zhang has also won a chance to re-open a women's clothing store, when Ms. Zhang took the store when the first Time to contact us thousands of benefits, because Ms. Zhang said thousands of benefits is a 20-year-old brand in Hangzhou, Hangzhou is also one of the top ten women in Anhui and even the fame of the country are well-known, but the clothing store business is very Yes, of course, these Ms. Zhang is certainly after a lot of brand contrast, after a round of inspection, and ultimately affirmed our thousands of women's wear, Ms. Zhang's shop has more than 60 square feet, the location close to the elevator, very Yes, the mall crowd is also very large, I firmly believe Miss Zhang's choice will not be wrong, we Thousands of Hui will certainly bring surprises to Ms. Zhang, bring the harvest.



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