Thick summer how can we lack a pair of sunglasses

Choose a stylish and practical sunglasses, not only in the travel, when you block the glare of the sun's rays, but also fashion people with outstanding shape must-have item. Fashion MM have been trying hard to try to dress themselves with cool sunglasses, or mysterious, or cute ... ... the past two years has always been popular sunglasses still occupy a large fashion stage, it is slightly exaggerated styling requirements of clothing with high, then Let's take a look at how to collocate with each other so that the sunglasses play a big name effect! This year's fashion glasses are still holding the banner of retro, calling the beautiful women continue to study the originator of fashion Hepburn. No matter which optical shop you walk into, you can see the most eye-catching big sunglasses. When the oversized gel frame coupled with charming dark red, brown powder, gray gradient lenses, and then decorated with a sexy outline around the bridge of the nose, a fashion girl is so baked.

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