The first national "festival craft gift" enterprise alliance standard formulation

The holiday craft gift is one of the main industrial clusters in Chenghai District, but this kind of product has not been formulated as a production-based standard in China. In order to further promote the development of regional product upgrades and the development of industrial clusters, the quality supervision department of Chenghai District proposed to the district government to formulate a corporate alliance standard for “Festival Craft Gifts” in Chenghai District. At present, the collection of production technical indicators and related data has been completed, and the six enterprise alliance standards have been basically completed. The formulation of this enterprise alliance standard is at the forefront of the province or even the whole country, and will lay a good foundation for the formulation of national standards and industry standards.

It is reported that in recent years, the quality supervision department has intensified efforts to guide enterprises to follow the road of “patentization of technology, patent standardization, and internationalization of standards”, so that some enterprises will move from processing and manufacturing to have independent intellectual property rights and enhance their competitiveness. For example, through years of hard work, Chenghai District has been involved in the development of national standards and the participation of multiple toy companies in a single toy company. At present, there are seven companies in the area, such as Aofei Animation, Yihua Wood, and lion power supply, who are leading and participating in the formulation (set) of national standards, industry standards, and provincial local standards. Through substantial participation in national standardization activities, the company has expanded the discourse power of the dominant industries in the standardization field in this region, and has also maintained a strong vitality against the international financial crisis.

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