The classic undefeated pearl collar in the 50s

Lead: Always with pearls and black is the most classic ride, has been extended to the modern high fashion.

The pearl collar was very hot in the 50's, when it was popular with a very close knit sweater, such as the following:

经典不败 50年代珍珠衣领装卷土重来(图1)

Of course, in the 1960s inspired by Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's", there was a more noble and elegant wear method.

经典不败 50年代珍珠衣领装卷土重来(图2)

Always with pearls and black is the most classic way to go, and continues to the modern high fashion.

经典不败 50年代珍珠衣领装卷土重来(图3)

经典不败 50年代珍珠衣领装卷土重来(图4)

The best thing is that it is wearing a Pearl Necklace. In turn, it is Peter Pan.

You can also create your own deduction method

经典不败 50年代珍珠衣领装卷土重来(图5)

50's Made in Japan Pearl Collar Necklace

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