Ten years Red Women: unique and not casual alternative but not random

Fashion is the pursuit of every woman, the state of leisure is a happy angel. China Brand decades of red (RED TEN YEARS) has been "casual fashion" design element for the brand characteristics, and into the five thousand years of Chinese culture in art, shows a Chinese flavor Chinese modern women's fashion style!


Ten years of red has been committed to listening to the voices of modern women, interpretation of the individual flavor of women, on behalf of the fashion casual style of the brand, will never let people can not help but fascinated. As a fashion brand with Chinese art, the red of ten years unique and not alternative, casual but not random, to create a Chinese flavor both fashion and casual style, leaving aftertaste of contemplation, and ten years will continue red Fashion and leisure story, has been moving!

十年红女装:独特而不另类  休闲而不随意

RED TEN YEARS highlights the theme of the series and the collocation of a single product, simple and elegant details of the processing, exquisite sewing fine heart, are RED TEN YEARS flash point. We fashion the use of Chinese taste and leisure elements cleverly integrated into their own design concepts. Every piece of work has its own persistence in quality, inadvertently showing the taste and atmosphere, giving modern women the art and creativity, let people look back in the casual feeling of fashion beauty.

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