Summer girls cartoon print T-shirt with a more Western style

For children, cartoon printing style T-shirt their most popular, not only full of childlike sense, but also in line with the child's age. So in the hot summer, the girl's cartoon print T-shirt with a more atmospheric it? Below with Xiaobian take a look! This lake blue girl short-sleeved T-shirt, full of modern fashion cartoon cat print embellishment, very eye-catching fashion. Lower body with printed letters on the pink shorts, color contrast, bring a strong visual impact, very nice. Cute cute Mickey printing embellishment, as well as colorful flower decoration, make this short-sleeved T-shirt even more eye-catching, with the same printing under the hip skirts, accompanied by a black retro handbag embellishment, this dress Do not think inferior to adults Oh! Photo credit: Boyd Benner Kids

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