Summary of the issue of purchase orders

[China Glass Network] The definition of the purchase order is actually a simple sentence: "A company that does not have the right to export buys the verification form of others and exports it in the name of another import and export company." However, many people do not understand the operation process and related problems. So, I sorted it out and summarized the questions that everyone often asked:
First, as we all know, any form of export requires customs declaration (except for a small amount of low-value express delivery), and customs declaration must be written off. Buying "single" mainly refers to the verification form. And companies that offer buy export services. Provided to the guest must be in addition to the verification form, including the customs declaration, customs declaration, packing list, invoice, contract, inspection power of attorney, and power of attorney Wait...
Second, after the company that receives the order receives the customs declaration information, it only needs to submit the whole set of customs declaration materials to the customs broker or freight forwarding. As long as the goods are cleared, they will be released smoothly. The process of paying for customs declaration is completed.
Third, note:
1. The customs clearance of the destination port. The information used in the customs declaration can be inconsistent with the customs clearance information of the destination port guests. However, the documents must be required to be unified. That is, bill of lading, bill of lading, invoice. Must be the same company. (A company that does not have the right to export can also use its own company to raise its head. After the export of the goods, the foreign customs have no contact with the Chinese customs. It will not cause any trouble.) As for some people who say that the certificate of origin for customs clearance, the certificate of fumigation certificate, etc. ... There are now a lot of agents that can handle these certificates, and they can all be unified.
2. Foreign exchange issues. Many guests wondered: "I use the name of others to export, is it necessary to hit foreign exchange to him?." In fact, it is not needed. If you pay for the export, you can get any foreign exchange account, personal account, and overseas account! Therefore, the purchase of orders allows more companies with no export rights, SOHO, and companies with special requirements to have a more convenient way. * As for the write-off issue, the company that pays the bill does not need to pay attention. The Selling Company will resolve it on its own.
3. Tax refund issue. Buying a single export is not a tax refund. Therefore, it is possible to take a "no fare" transaction when you get the goods with the factory. You don't have to worry about the company that sells the order to get the tax refund. If you want to refund the tax, you can only use the form of agent export, from the factory to the foreign trade company.
* "Buy orders can not be made in L/C form. Only T/T can be done."----This is a bit narrower! I checked the information and asked some friends. I learned. Do L/C. Companies must have export rights. Since they have the right to export, there is no need to pay the bill. And many L/C terms may have conflicts with the purchase order. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy L/C for export. form.*

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