Starbucks opening test Shenzhen CBD COCO Park rental rate nearly 100%

Starbucks opening test Shenzhen CBD COCO Park rental rate nearly 100%

On August 29th, Starbucks Coffee, one of the main brands of COCO Park, officially opened its doors. This is the first store in Shenzhen CBD's three major commercial projects and is also the first experience store opened by Starbucks in the center of Shenzhen. COCO Park investment company Galaxia Group executives said that the arrival of Starbucks in advance will accelerate the maturity of the CBD business district.

CBD's "consumption hunger" has reached the heat

With the opening of Starbucks, COCO Park became the first of three CBD businesses to officially open its stores. It is understood that Starbucks is the world's most famous coffee chain brand, has a 32-year history, and has more than 10,000 chain stores worldwide. In 1998, Starbucks entered Taiwan, then entered Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, and landed in Guangzhou in 2003. In just a few years, Starbucks has become the number one brand in China's coffee industry.

Starbucks Regional Development Manager in South China stated that during the site selection process, Starbucks places great emphasis on the maturity of the market and the prospects for sustainable development of the business district. At the same time, it has certain requirements on the quality of surrounding consumers. According to its analysis, the central district of Shenzhen is a “city center” integrating finance, commerce, administration, culture, information, and exhibition economy. Although there are currently ten office buildings under construction in the central district, the maturity of the entire commercial district has been achieved. A certain amount of "heating", the degree of consumer hunger and thirst after the accumulation of the past two years, is entering the outbreak.

COCO Park Rental Rate Nearly 100%

The reporter was informed that COCO Park has a total investment of 700 million yuan. Currently, the overall occupancy rate is close to 100%, and over 150 well-known domestic and foreign brands are stationed.

According to reports, COCO Park is the first domestic street-style shopping center in the country, with 6000 square meters of sunken open air plazas, 12 commercial inner streets, 5 large natural light atriums, and more than 400 independent shops. Including fashion department stores, catering bars, cinemas, and boutique lifestyle supermarkets. It houses a large food court, a high-end concept restaurant, a fashion supermarket, a specialty bar street, an international boutique chain, a Japanese and Korean style street, an international fashion street, and a five-star cinema with five screening rooms.

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