Spring and summer 2011 seven girls color forecast

2011 spring and summer children's wear has brought us many different styles of color story. "American tradition" and "return to simple" two colors for the style of concise style is not complicated. The classic colors of red, white and hiding blue play a decisive role in all colors. The 2011 spring and summer new color is ice color, composed of "old fashion" series of stories. Ice turquoise color, mint green, lemon blue, and bubble gum, etc. are all influx of pink, reminiscent of the blooming flowers in various colors of the spring garden. The other side is a brighter color, "Ball" is full of bright pink, turquoise, metallic and so on. "Rainforest" colors are more ethnic, including earthy brown, emerald green, bright orange and sea breeze blue. The Lightning Thunder story gives some rock, gray and black dominance. "Coco" is a classic and stylish, we see is the tone of black and white, and bubble gum pink, gray, gold and so on. 1. Return to the simple memories of the era of mild and elegant is the "return to simple" theme color content. These colors are easy to create simple and uncomplicated style and style. The main colors are light blue, natural tones, taupe, cowboy blue, and orange. 2. Old Fashionable Spring 2011 bring fresh ideas to these pale ice hues. Mint green, lemon blue, lilac, pale pink, and ice blue green all emerge together, with a little silver-white tone, creating a cold illusion. Faint green and pink reminiscent of a spring garden with flowers. 3. The American tradition is influenced by the American trend, highlighted by basic red, white and blue in the "American tradition," with shades of pale yellow and pale pink. 4. The rainforests are inspired by the Amazon jungles and the "Rainforest" theme colors range from earthy brown and emerald to bright orange and sea breeze blue. Gold is one of many color shades. 5. Lightning thunder The dark and frightening "Thunder Thunder" theme includes gray with various hues and black with purple hues and pink hues. Acid black and variegated gray adds a soft touch to the tough theme. 6. Dance 80's color is still a strong trend. "Dance party" is full of bright pink, melon, lavender, turquoise, and metallic 7.Coco This is a group inspired by Coco Chanel theme color, mainly composed of black and white, and bubble gum pink , Gray and gold is one of the highlights.

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