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Ben Wang April 28 hearing, the return of the style of the 60s in the future, let the metal color become the hottest trend element this summer, but how to perfectly control this presence of full color, in order to create a fashionable but not too exaggerated Look Let’s take a look at the demonstrations of fashion bloggers.


Silver is black, fashionable and not dazzling. Pair it with a black sweater and a pair of motorcycle boots to cool off the street.


High-waist sun dress youth invincible new witness, the key is a bright spot style, it must be a metal color it! The pink shirt is also a must-break this year, the best shoes can also echo.


Looks like there are some punk golden jackets, the style of the shoulder pads is very strong, and the imitation leather stiff fabric can also create a tough effect. The black pencil pants in the lower part of the body pulled the punk's upper body back to normal.


The silver top is accompanied by big eyes and it is not possible to catch the eye. Plus a pair of silver hollow high heels and gradient hair, just like out from the anime.


Who says metal elements must look "cool"? Not all metal textures are prohibitive and unacceptable. This looks pretty normal pink strap, with a pettiskirt still so adorable.


Metallic colors can also make a fuss on the pants. Sao pink metal pencil pants with leather and white shirt, dazzling but not too blatant.

Simple streetwear T-shirts with metal pleated skirts, single-colored shoes, and more importantly, glasses and never missed! You also quickly learn to live a sparkling summer! (Media Partner: Shoes Sample picture of Moses Mimi shoes)

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