Sogni Kids Children's clothing beyond 360 degrees of love

Zhuowei Le children's wear, spring's romance, summer's cool, autumn's warmth, winter's warm, Zhuowei Le, all seasons, spring summer autumn and winter, to your baby 360 degrees of love and warmth, To children's health as the center, advocating low-cost, environmental protection for the purpose of creating a new generation of children comfortable, healthy, beautiful dress. Zhuowei Le children's clothing, is now a national hot investment, look forward to your joining Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd., is the Hong Kong Zhuowei International Group Co., Ltd. in the country set up a wholly owned subsidiary responsible for children's clothing and supplies design, production and marketing Operating and so on. To focus on providing customers with high quality, healthy, comfortable and stylish children's clothing for the purpose. Sogni Kids is the company's flagship children's wear brand targeting Hong Kong and the Mainland. Companies with international trends and domestic demand, design studio with the European design and development of products, has extensive experience in the brand management team, in order to use good quality, design style, high quality service experience, to win consumer acceptance for cooperation Partners provide better career opportunities while achieving market-leading status. Corporate Vision: Focus on the needs of consumers, focus on providing customers with quality products, consumer recognition, cooperation customers to provide better career opportunities, while achieving market-leading position. Sogni Kids, from Hong Kong, is a children's apparel brand owned by Zhuowei International in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, Sogni Kids has focused on providing fashionable, healthy and comfortable children's apparel products to its customers. Sogni Kids, with its target market in Hong Kong and China, cooperates with European design studios based on international trends and domestic demand. Fashion European-style design, closer to the international fashion trend, popular in Hong Kong's retail shops. In 2005, Sogni Kids set up a domestic marketing center in Guangzhou and set up a team with extensive brand operation experience to develop and operate the domestic market. And actively participate in domestic and Hong Kong's large-scale professional clothing exhibition, vigorously promote Zhuo Weirle brand. Zhuoweile also made LEGO BAGS (LEGO bag), which is also one of the top five children's brands in the world, also sold in China. It is also bundled with Sogni Kids, Rich product structure. Sogni Kids expects to win the recognition of consumers with good quality, design style, excellent service experience, and give the best care to children.

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