Soft girl girls lingerie I have my taste

Soft girl underwear positioning clear, well-designed, more different from the simple mature adult lingerie, charming and sexy, suitable for adolescent girls of all ages and personal differences in personality. As a professional girl's underwear founder and girl health experts, soft-Qi care for girls healthy, beautiful girl life career personally, actively advocate! Rich-rich varieties of product structure and sound system.


柔淇少女内衣 我有我味道

Soft Ki to bras, underwear, pajamas, suspenders. Its rich product structure and excellent quality, so that it will be widely popular in the young girl. Soft-Ki product design unique style.

Fashionable and comfortable, exaggerated personality, young and playful design style loved by girls. Soft Qi clear strategy, clear goals.

National Developmental period, adolescent girls underwear famous brand. To disseminate the national health knowledge girl, beautiful girl life culture.

Detachable Protection Cover

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