Slightly cool weather how to wear a thin coat easy to get

After a few days of rainfall cooling, the weather is still comfortable slightly cool. That in the hot season, how to wear such a more appropriate it? Walk in the street, and some have put on sweaters, while some are not afraid of the cold is still showing off their capital wearing cool short-sleeved. In fact, Xiao Bian think, in such a cool and comfortable weather, add a thin jacket to easily get done. Let's take a look at the clothing wear Qinxiang fashion wear it, so you do not make mistakes in this season.


This summer, wide leg pants strong into our lives, its stylish and comfortable style won the majority of MM's favorite. A relaxed striped wide leg pants, cover the imperfect lines at the same time make you look more tall, with a white T-shirt, is definitely the most simple and generous summer, the most classic fashion mix. However, in such a weather, coupled with a denim shirt, did not weaken the sense of fashion, but also to increase their own warmth!

微微凉的天气怎么穿 加件薄外套轻松搞定

Relaxed black and white striped shirt with a cool and comfortable white wide-leg pants chiffon, casual with let you personality full. Put on a long section of chiffon jacket, silky material to make you more temperament.

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