Single piece fireproof glass support device

Application Number: 02289117.X Application date: 2002.12.05
name: Single piece fireproof glass support device
Public (announcement) number: CN2595908 Public (announcement) day: 2003.12.31
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Classification number: E04B2/88
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Application (patent) person: Guangdong Jingang Glass Technology Co., Ltd.
address: 515063 Daijin Industrial Zone, University Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province
Invention (design) person: Huang Yibing; Chen Jinbin; Xie Zimeng; Xia Weiwen International application:
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The utility model relates to a single-piece fireproof glass supporting device, which is used for a glass curtain wall or an indoor partition, and is composed of a metal structure, a connecting member and a filling body. The connecting member fixes the fireproof glass on the beam and the column, and the filling body is made of fireproof rock wool. The utility model overcomes the weakness of the poor fireproof performance of the glass curtain wall. The support device has the advantages of good fireproof and smokeproof performance, convenient processing and installation, high support strength, and the use of the single piece of fireproof glass, so that the glass curtain wall has a real fireproof function. .

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