shock! The danger of a fake duvet

A. False mostly with unknown fillers and a small amount of feathers, can not reach the strict disinfection process, easy to cause skin disease and bronchial strictness. Severe. Can cause serious respiratory illness in elderly and children

Second, the duvet's running treatment and face material selection and processing requirements are strict. The fake quilt usually uses ordinary cotton sleeves for ordinary weaving. It is easy to cause the filling to run. For long-term use, the quilt is thinner!!

3. The so-called duvet is used as a filler. The result of the cover is that there is oppression, the blood is not circulating, and it is easy to get static electricity.

four. The real duvet is known for its bulkiness, warmth, softness and breathability. The fake duvet is shredded with silk fabric to make it velvet, plus a small amount of feathers, not bulky and airtight. Covering has a sense of oppression on the human body. Although it is somewhat warm, the warmth is not comparable to down.

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