Shape the temptation of the curve, in fact, you can do it

Women can pursue their own beauty for the rest of their lives. This beauty can be the face of an angel, the beauty of a devil's body, the fresh beauty of a nephew, or the beauty of a resentful rain with pear flowers. Wisdom woman, you can do both internally and externally, internal temperament, external repair curve. Xiaobian bring Jacqueline this season's "curve temptation"!


Inspired by the eye-catching colors and attractive curves of the peacock's open screen, it highlights the arc-shaped curve of the front chest line through the modification of the undergarment cup line and the surface design of the cup. Overlay the use of different materials, the local extension of expansion and narrowing, to create a new curve of beauty. This is the "curve temptation" series that JJ brings to you.


Classic 3/4 thick cup, thick under the thin, focused on the care effect! Two-color Swiss imports of lace, like the opening of two tender petals in the chest, eye-catching people, hit color ribbons and peacock feathers pendant embellishment, instantly appear maverick noble lady! Side cup and under the whole than the use of soft and slippery double pull fabric, zero friction and zero pressure sense, focus on creating a comfortable concept of home bra! Big U than the design, good wrap around the back of fat, beautify the back lines.


3/4 thin soft cotton cup, add ears, low heart design, good armpit fat to the cup, to create the perfect chest straight effect, two-color Swiss imported lace, hit the color ribbon and peacock feather pendant embellishment, Instant marihuana distinguished ladies Van appear! Under the whole, the use of soft and slippery double-pull fabric, zero friction and zero pressure, focusing on creating a comfortable concept of home bra!

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