Sales elites prefer network sales communication skills

[China Glass Network] Content Description: The main reason for sales is communication, network sales communication skills are in place, it can basically be successful! What are the network sales communication skills? If you are a newcomer to the network, you are confused, this network Sales communication skills can tell you where to go, how to go!

The author did the work of network marketing. With the accumulation of working time and the experience of network marketing work, I slowly found that the current SMEs not only have a deep understanding of Internet promotion, but also have a special love for online sales. They may not understand what it is. Network promotion What is SEO optimization, only understand the network sales, I have to invest in the Internet to do business, you have to have a return on sales, very simple and straightforward thinking. Chatting with this kind of business owner, you will feel that they are thinking about the ratio of input and output. They don’t think about planning, planning, promotion, or whatever. Just look at how many enterprise products you sell after Internet marketing promotion. Internet marketing does not care much about large enterprises. Then the author realized that Internet sales will definitely be in the future. He is different from the marketing process such as network marketing network promotion, focusing on practical and results-oriented marketing. Open this blog to share some marketing case network sales skills and how to do it in order to achieve sales, I will write to you step by step, I hope everyone supports.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the development of e-commerce has also accelerated. The group that consumes online is getting bigger and bigger, and there are many people who see the development prospects of e-commerce. However, there are not a few friends who plan to start a small business on the Internet. Regardless of which platform we use, as long as we use IM (instant messaging) software to communicate with our customers, we should realize that communicating with customers over the network is an important issue because online sales are largely divided into two major steps:

Step by step: expand network marketing, network product information promotion, and tap potential customers

Network marketing and promotion will be confused by many friends. In fact, the promotion work and purpose is to try to let more people know about our activities or information. No matter how much the transaction volume is, it will be completed if it reaches a certain coverage. The purpose of marketing is to achieve a certain amount of sales or sales is the ultimate goal of marketing under the premise of promoting and raising awareness. Here we do not consider the promotion and marketing methods and methods for the time being. Please check "Hao Haitao" or log on to Hao Haitao's official blog to view relevant information.

The second step: communicate with customers through the network to achieve the purpose of network sales
After the hard work of the previous step, the next job is to sell the customer service and customer conversation process. Although this may be a very simple conversation or consultation, these simple conversations or consultations often play a decisive role in sales. Selling products through the Internet and communicating with customers is a very skillful job. Here are a few tips and tricks for you:

1. Communication use interjection in online sales

When we talk face to face with friends or customers, we can understand each other's psychological state changes through smiles, actions, moods, etc. It is easy to know whether the other person is angry, happy or laughing. However, in the process of network communication, since we can't see each other's expressions and actions, we can only express them by words. If we still talk online on the way we usually talk, we may get some unpredictable effects. Let's take a simple example:

Customer: Hello, may I have this dress red?

Customer Service: No customers: Can you ask if this dress can be cheaper?

Customer Service: This is a lower price and it is no longer cheap.

As far as the short conversation above is concerned, if you feel comfortable or don't care about the customer, you may be reluctant to decide to buy the product because of the relatively low price and the special preference for this product. However, communication methods like this can not complete the second sale; on the contrary, if you encounter some bad mood, the customers who are more persistent in the language will feel very uncomfortable, because such answers and services will give people a The feeling of "stiffness" means that you don't communicate with "heart", so some customers may prefer to buy elsewhere, even if the price elsewhere is higher than this.

So, how should we solve this problem? In a simpler way, we can use more interjections. For example, "哟", "啊", "呀", "呢", "啦", "嗯" and other words, in addition, the more words used in Taobao "pro" is also our indispensable title. Below we try to add the exclamatory words to the customer service, compared to the original answer is different:

"Pro, this is a lower price, it can't be cheap!"

Although the answer is not good, but compared with the original recovery, has increased the emotional color, even if the customer can not face-to-face communication with the sales staff, as long as we can properly use this way to communicate with the user, It is easy for customers to feel that this customer service is polite, and it is easy to bring the distance closer. As long as the distance between the two parties is close, it is easy for us to do anything. Of course, this method is also a communication method for hypnotic sales.

2, online sales use more expressions

In the process of communicating with customers, whether using QQ, MSN, TM, Want Want or other online communication tools, there is a chat expression library, we can use the chat expression in the process of conversation to increase the customer's sales staff. Good feeling. But we need to pay attention, we can't just send some expressions that don't match the chat theme or the unsightly, and we can't publish the expressions in a flood. If each reply uses the expression, the other party will feel that we are not treated with care, and even affect the sales staff. The image in the minds of customers.

3, the use of "seduce method" in communication in online sales

During the sales process, we often encounter customers who want to buy, but have not decided where to buy them. Such customers are our potential customers, so we can't let them go, so how should we seduce? "Do such customers spend in our stores?

It is easy to deal with such customers if we can properly "stimulate" them. For example, if we know what the customer really wants but is still in the stage of consideration, we can try to tell the customer, “There are two pieces left in the product!” Or “The product is in the promotion stage, and now I have a small gift. "When the words are spoken, most of the customers will feel confused at this time, and they will probably decide to buy them immediately." However, when we use this method, we must pay attention to the use at the right time, improper use or frequent use will make customers annoyed.

Some customers may be strolling and consulting. To treat such customers, we can start with the topic of understanding customer intentions. Don't just instill the benefits of the goods or the benefits of the store. As long as we understand the actual intention of the users, we can recommend relevant The merchandise, side or front side presents the customer's needs, and the customer's own needs are used to stimulate the customer's desire to purchase.

No matter which method we use, we must also know that "customers never like to be ordered, and they don't like to be instilled." So we need to pay attention to these skills when communicating with customers. In fact, no matter whether we communicate with customers through the network or chat between friends, we can use the above methods to talk. Although it may be some simple techniques, if we want to make good use, we need to gradually accumulate experience.

Online sales communication skills are also a matter of learning. Only by going deep into online sales, can you really feel the importance of online sales communication skills.

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