Rich bird gentlemen stationed in Hebei Bazhou

December 6 -7, Hebei's first wealthy bird gentlemen's Hall in Bazhou solemnly opened. During the event: the audience 8.8 fold recharge 1500 yuan, send 200 yuan recharge 3000 yuan, send 400 yuan recharge 5000 yuan, send 600 yuan recharge 8000 yuan, send 1000 yuan recharge 10000 yuan, send 1500 yuan Money is so self-willed, that is, send a warm winter quilt bag. In order to celebrate the Gentleman Pavilion into Bazhou, the day also held a large VIP appreciation will be rich bird male president Mr. Hong Huihuang attended the opening ceremony to thank the special rushed over to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony more than 30 VIP guests, thank Bazhou local Father folks over the years, the wealth of bird men's trust and support. The rich bird men will be gentleman Pavilion for the foothold, for the majority of customers to create a more high-end atmosphere of the shopping scene, to provide more low-key luxury clothing and meticulous thoughtful service experience. Cold weather can not stop the enthusiasm of the people of Bazhou! This is a shopping space that brings together the concept of the brand and the Gentlemen Space; a three-dimensional lifestyle for accommodating the dreams of a gentleman in China (career, leisure, family, social, etc.) ring. Chinese wedding suit the first brand, your side of the Chinese gentleman dress consultant, a new sail, intentions service! Store Address: North Street, Pedestrian Street, Bazhou, Hebei Province, China Tel:

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