Rely on Transformation and Upgrade to Achieve Increased Peasants and Retired Migrant Workers to Enter Jiangsu Province

After the Spring Festival, the manufacturing industries in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and even the western regions all experienced the phenomenon of “recruitment difficulties”. This situation has confirmed that the era of China’s demographic dividends has passed and that textile companies are experiencing unprecedented pressure. In Jiangsu, in addition to raising their salaries, textile companies are trying their best to recruit employees, and they have also devoted themselves to retaining their employees.

First-line operators are most difficult to recruit in interviews. Enterprises generally reflect that the employment situation this year is more severe than in previous years. Compared with last year, the recruitment situation is not optimistic. “The problem of recruiting talents is not big. The main reason is that front-line workers are more nervous than in previous years,” said the company’s recruiters.

The Huafang Group organised the “Spring Festival Transportation” to send employees home for the New Year and unified the employees back to the factory after the holiday season. This approach is quite effective. In addition, there are still more than 2,000 new workers brought by the “with the old belt”. “In fact, the post-holiday restoration work started as early as November last year. Before the Group's branches had to communicate with each other in places with abundant labor resources, during the Spring Festival the company sent people out to recruit.” Huafang Group is responsible for People said that in terms of recruitment policies, the group not only pays attention to salary and benefits, but also highlights the corporate culture, employee growth and other aspects.

Shenghong Group also lacked first-line operators after the year, and the technical workers were relatively stable. However, the company still took certain measures to ensure that the technical workers can stay in the company's development. For those skilled workers who have worked for one year, the Shenghong Group regularly carries out internal appraisal activities and is directly linked to the salary level. After days of recruitment, currently the first-line operator of Shenghong Group has basically met the demand for employment. In order to ensure the employment demand for a period of time in the future, the company's human resources department has also recruited and reserved a group of workers in advance to allocate to various workshops for learning, so that when employees leave, they can make up for it in time. In addition, Sheng Hong also encourages returned local employees to introduce new employees to the company through publicity and introduction, and introduce regulations to give certain rewards to old employees who introduce new employees to the factory.

The Red Bean Group has started construction on the eighth day of the new year. Old employees have all returned to the factory on the second day after the Lantern Festival. As new products such as the expansion of the Group’s underwear and pharmaceutical products and the all-steel radial tire project are about to be put into operation, Red Bean has recruited more than 2,000 workers, many of whom are introduced by old employees.

After the use of the system and the development of the festival, the employees of Zhangjiagang Jinling Textile Co., Ltd. were gradually put in place. The logistics department ensured the normal food and accommodation of the employees and also helped the new husband and wife employees find suitable housing. “In the work, we strive to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to learning than others, and systematically train new employees to enhance their understanding of corporate culture, business advantages, and future work, so that they have a sense of identity with the company; We strive to create a harmonious family with a humanistic spirit." This is Jinling Textile's strategy for keeping people.

Huafang Group published a 12-page recruitment special issue with the company’s internal publication “Huafang Daily”, which introduced the company in detail and put the employees in the same position as the recruitment work, focusing on the employees’ entry into the factory. The emotional cohesion and business guidance work enabled them to adapt and identify with Huafang in the shortest possible time. “We must not spend huge sums of money, but we have worked so hard to bring employees in, but we have lost due to poor management.” For this reason, the company has adopted a series of measures: For the newly hired employees, each branch company has designated personnel to provide follow-up services. We provide personal services in the areas of factory procedures, accommodation, dining, and accommodation in local life, so that they can form a good first impression on Huafang, and provide more help and care for those who have insufficient living expenses and are sick. To improve the working environment, all units are required to do a good job in production bases, workshops, and civilized health work, and work tasks should be properly allocated based on the new employees' skill level and affordability so as to avoid fear and difficulties. Improve living conditions such as dormitories and canteens, and strive to enrich the amateurish style of life of employees.

The head of the Human Resources Department of Redbean Group told reporters that after the Spring Festival this year, the first-line employees received a heavy new-year salary increase “grant bag” issued by the group—the skilled worker's annual income will exceed 40,000 yuan, and it will be a group director. The bureau provides in the form of documents. According to the regulations, the annual income of skilled production line workers (except apprentices and helpers) must reach 40,000 yuan or more. For enterprises with average production line skilled labor month income of more than 3,000 yuan, the group awards corresponding incentives, and for the production of first-line skilled workers For companies with an average income of less than 3,000 yuan, the group will be given corresponding penalties. The front-line workers applauded the "rising salary" requirement. In red beans, the first-line employees implement a star system. Star-rated employees are subsidized, and three-star employees can serve as workshop quality inspectors, team leaders, and other opportunities, as well as free college.

In fact, salary increases are now a common practice. Although this makes employees very happy, the increased costs cannot be absorbed by every company. The secret of the interviewed companies is to implement transformation and upgrading, increase labor productivity and increase product added value, and accelerate the promotion of excellent performance management.

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