Red lips women's clothing brand Guancheng shop recently opened

Lips (LEVRESHOUGES) brand women's Dongguan Xinfeng Road store, after various preparations, will be officially opened on May 20. During the opening we will discount discounts, rich products and beautiful gifts back to the majority of new and old customers, welcomed the new and old customers here guidance! !


Red lips (LEVRESHOUGES) brand image counters

Lips LEVRESHOUGES A French ladies and girls in the high-end fashion brand since 1997, set up in the Humen, from the original wholesale brand transformation in 2003 to establish a terminal to join To 10 years has been focused on the women's industry, from the early years to do Ladies wear evening wear now, we are followed by the pace of the continuous changes in the industry of women's wear, and now has developed into a certain scale, a domestic reputation as a second-tier brand.


LEVRESHOUGES brand women's summer 2011 new


LEVRESHOUGES brand women's summer 2011 new

At present, LEVRESHOUGES is mainly operated by the franchise model, and we will gradually improve the terminal retailing, especially the business model of promoting the agent's transformation into the terminal retailing. Red lips sales network into a stable and healthy development. Establish influential self-operated stores to enhance brand awareness and influence while expanding market share, especially vigorously promoting primary and secondary markets and opening shopping malls to promote the development and promotion of red lip brands. Our goal is The red lips (LEVRESHOUGES) into a well-known domestic brands.

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