Qiao dot brand women achievement elegant intellectual oriental women

"QIAOJOJO" from London, the British fashion brand of women , urban fashion women clan as consumers, since the birth of the date has been the pursuit of quality of life. Respect for the freedom of urban women are respected, "QIAOJOJO" restrained fashion, elegant Showing a different fashion everywhere, showing the extraordinary quality and unique taste of the dress, the exquisite details of the classic gorgeous cut the perfect combination of a new interpretation of the Asian urban fashion women's noble temperament, but also the depth of urban women accompanied Sensual dress now wrapped face.


俏点品牌女装 成就优雅知性东方女性

Its clothing is mostly imported natural fabrics and high-tech fabrics with unique technology, mixed with a variety of styles to design, simple and elegant. Fashion without publicity, is a representative of young fashion. Show personality charm. Unique taste of the international women's brand.

100% Wool Fabric is a natural cloth made of soft animal fibers. They neither wrinkle nor get contaminated much. Water absorbency, warmth retention, hypoallergency and durability are just some of the features making this fabric widely favoured around the world.

100% Wool Fabric

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