Pro baby professional series of protective radiation protection pregnant women

KISSBABY is Junoav Enterprise (Milan, Italy) founded in 2000 a focus on the mother and child series of brands. KISSBABY maternal and child products to the mother after the pre-pregnancy clothing, baby products supplemented by the development of the line has been coming.


2001 Broaden the market of the pregnant mother, which was almost started to be shaped, and introduced KISSBABY brand new postpartum body shaping series.

In 2004 the company after a long period of research combined with the popular maternity dresses, fashion, in the European market launched a series of protective radiation protection of pregnant women. Developed specifically for mothers who are ready to become pregnant, they offer a total protection solution in cities that are already covered by electromagnetic waves.

亲亲宝贝 专业孕妇抗辐射系列保护装

In 2007, we started to expand the Asian market and co-funded with China to set up a pro Baby (Italy) International Limited. KISSBABY series of radiation suit by the metal material is the most advanced international scientific research, used in aerospace and other high-tech fields, which made of metal radiation suits can effectively block a variety of electromagnetic radiation, low-frequency radiation and microwave radiation At present, it has been widely used in education, finance, medical treatment and other industries. It has the characteristics of comfortable and generous to wear, no side effects, and washable features. It is deeply loved by consumers, especially the OFFICE family and pregnant women. Various follow-up pregnant women health products will be introduced soon.

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