Precaution and maintenance of memory pillow to extend service life

Precaution and maintenance of memory pillow to extend service life


A natural ventilation
1) When using the memory pillow for 1-2 months, remember to let it dry in a ventilated and sunny place. The time can be longer, but remember not to expose it to the sun.
2) In the process of use, it is necessary to avoid the contact of the memory pillow with water. Although the memory foam has the function of absorbing moisture, once it is wet by the water, it can not be dried. It can only be treated by air drying.
B don't stress
The memory pillow should not be stressed for a long time during use. If it is stressed for a long time, it may cause the memory pillow to lose the slow rebound effect and reduce the service life. Therefore, this article is also very important and I hope everyone pays attention.

C recognition misunderstanding
Many people think that the pillowcase is enough to protect the pillow, as long as the pillowcase is cleaned on time to keep the pillow clean. In fact, when we sleep, the saliva and secreted sweat that we inadvertently flow out will penetrate into the pillow, breed bacteria, cause allergies and diseases, and old and dirty pillows are prone to mold, mites, allergies or respiratory diseases.
D timing replacement
Pillows should be replaced every 1-3 years, and the pillows should be easy to clean and dry, so that the pillows can be used for a long time, and your sleep health can be guaranteed.

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