Please ask the beads, how should I wear them?

It is not difficult to find that more and more people, regardless of whether they believe in Buddhism or not, whether they are beautiful or blessed, like to wear beads, then what kind of origin does the beads have? What kind of material does the beads have? How many requirements do you have in the Buddha beads? How helpful is Buddhism to our practice? The beads are also called rosary beads and beads. They are used to count the things of the heart when they read the Buddha, the curse or the Buddha. In China, the use of beads to name the count began in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It became an important tool for the customs of China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and other places where Tibetan Buddhism prevailed, and even became a symbol of Buddhists.

The materials of the beads are numerous. According to the "Doroni Collection", there are gold, silver, red copper, crystal, wooden scorpion, bodhi, lotus, and various kinds of singular treasures. According to the "Mu Zi Zi Jing" and "Number of Zhu Gong De Jing", there are 108, 54 , 42 , 27 , 21 , 14 , 1080 , 36 , 18 , etc . There are differences in the number of figures and the meaning they represent. However, the difference between the number of characters and the meaning of representation is only the cooperation given by the ancestors of the past for the convenience of education, not from the original scriptures.

As for how to wear the beads, although the beads are used as a props, instead of beautifying the appearance of the accessories, but wearing the beads, it will really let others feel a peaceful atmosphere. However, there are often people who worry that they will not wear them properly, and whether there will be problems that are not as good as the law. In fact, as long as you master a few principles, wearing a bead is not a hassle. For example, the long string of beads on the neck of the abbot has the function of solemnity. If the layman also puts a long string of rosary on his neck, it looks like a sudden feeling. You may wish to change the rosary on your wrist or put it in your wrist. In the bag.

The wearing position of the beads is generally worn on the wrist, because it is convenient to use, and can always remind yourself to take care of body, mouth and mind. In addition, people who buy rosary for the first time often worry that after rosary purchase, can they wear it directly or need a religious ritual like a light-opening? The main purpose of using rosary is to help practice, so don't worry too much about taboos. You can wear them directly after you buy them. Some people will hope that the rosary can be

Buddha beads. No matter where you are, you can use your rosary to read Buddha. Therefore, rosary is the place to use and the time of chanting. There are no special rules. You can wear it 24 hours a day. For example, in the case of going to the toilet, you can still meditate on the Buddha in your heart, so there is no need to remove the Buddhist practitioners that are most convenient to use.

Buddhism is a thing outside of the body. We are mainly from the heart, not to be obstructed by things, not to be trapped in the hands of the beads, what kind of material, how many, how to be jealous, to take In the left hand or the right hand, let go or drop it. We hold the beads but seek convenience and freedom. We do not need to insist on the method of holding beads by the mediocrity. For example, the "Diamond Sutra" says: "Where all the phases are illusory, if you see each other, you will see it." One, so don't overdo it when we use it.

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