Play the role of search keywords

[China Glass Network] In the search for business applications, keywords also play an extremely important role. The importance of keywords for a business, of course, you want more potential customers to find you in a shorter period of time through some form of channel, which in the search marketing reflects whether the keywords you choose just cater to User-specific search targets. When users search for product or service information, they usually search for the unique name of the product service, the industry name, and even the company name. These search conditions are the point of our search marketing. Therefore, it can be said that keywords are the key to determining the success or failure of our marketing promotion.

Give full play to the role of keywords

In most cases, the precondition for a search engine to respond to a user’s search is that there is content matching the search keyword in the website and the webpage, that is, the corresponding keyword determined in advance must be used in the webpage text, Pay attention to the techniques used by keywords.

For example, a cancer hospital should make the corresponding keyword "tumor" run through the content of the entire website, so that when the user enters the same keyword search, the search engine will follow your rules according to the content of your page. The page is returned to the user, giving you an opportunity to achieve the desired marketing purpose.

So you can't look at the importance of keywords in isolation, you must closely integrate it with the content of your website to make the most of it.

Choose keywords correctly

The right keyword is actually a concrete manifestation of its importance. In the choice of keywords, it is generally considered to be a very simple matter, but it is not. If you don't pay attention to the skills, you will often get in, and the input and output will not be proportional. So what aspects should you pay attention to when choosing keywords?

First, choose keywords that are relevant to the content of the site. Even a person who knows nothing about keyword selection techniques, common sense will prevent him from choosing irrelevant keywords such as “soy sauce” when selling books. The same is true of the fact that users attracted by irrelevant keywords have no effect on the sales of enterprise products/services.

Second, choose a specific keyword. The keyword coverage is not as wide as possible, because the broader the meaning of the keyword, the more information needs. Some users may search for related products with this keyword, but more may be other needs, and may not lead to consumer behavior.

This is particularly evident in the keyword auction rankings. Since you have to pay for each click on your users, you certainly want to pay as much as possible for those who can be your customers, and a broad-based keyword happens to have the opposite result.

Third, pay attention to the return on investment (ROI) of the keyword. People who don't know much about search marketing may not realize that even for the same type of keywords, their return on investment is different. In addition to a specific basic standard, we must rely on our scientific monitoring and summarization in practice. Sometimes, especially in business activities, data tends to be more powerful than any concept or theory.

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