Phoenix Miao Silver Jewelry Culture Festival opens on December 1

On November 15th, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of the Fenghuang County Committee that the 5th Miao and Silver Costumes and Culture Festival of China Phoenix, which has received much attention, will open at the Fenghuang County National Sports Activity Center on December 1. At that time, the Miao team and the 30 beautiful Miao girls from the 14 branches of five provinces (cities) including Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan will gather in the phoenix to showcase the cultural charm of the Miao silver jewelry.

The event will last for two days from December 1st to 2nd. The theme of the event is “Charming Silver Costumes, Drunken Phoenix Ancient City”, and the content has “one, two exhibitions, three highlights”. That is to say, the "Silver Decoration Festival" is the main body, the "Miao Nationality Silver Costume Exhibition" and the "Photography Exhibition" are in the form of "stage scenery and silver ornaments"; "the wonderful performance of actors and actresses" and "Miao nationality performance team and the most beautiful seedlings" The girl’s performance is a highlight, deep expansion, and wonderful interpretation.


At 19 o'clock on the 1st of December; the opening ceremony of the theme of "The Meet in Winter" of the 5th Miao and Silver Jewelry Culture Festival of China Phoenix was held at the Phoenix Stadium. At that time, 14 Miao nationality performance teams will be the silver crown, the show stage, the rich ethnic style, the distinctive regional characteristics and the strong atmosphere of the times will ignite the first fire in the Phoenix winter.

At 9:28 on December 2, the big parade began.唢呐, 花鼓, 土狮, Sacrifice, Miaoge Silver, Bark Soil, etc., silver decoration, Miao embroidery, Miao paper-cut story, etc., along the "Phoenix County National Sports Center - Phoenix Road - Orange Road" Nanhua Road - Jianshe Road - Post and Telecommunications Bureau - Cultural Square, to carry out a large parade. Subsequently, the invited 14 performance teams performed at the Cultural Square, Nanhuamen Park and Daomenkou. At 19:30 on the same day, the closing ceremony of the 5th Miao Nationality Silver Dressing Festival in China, Fenghuang, was closed at the County Gymnasium. The evening will artistically reproduce the mystery of traditional traditional techniques such as Miao silver jewelry forging, flower ribbon weaving and Miao embroidery. The 30 most beautiful Miao girls will be the talents of the ancient songs, inspiration, embroidery, etc., and they will run for the "most beautiful Miao costume image spokesperson".

At the same time, in order to fully display the characteristics of the Phoenix Miao silver jewelry, the silver jewelry festival is planned to set up 50 booths in the county cultural square to display the four Miao costumes and silverware processing techniques from the Ralshan, Heku, Shanjiang and Miliang in the Phoenix. And the products of national costume manufacturers, etc., to further promote the national culture of the region. In addition, the event also has a "China Miao Silver Ornaments Festival" live photography capture competition.

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