Paul Smith Pixel Art Shoes

Not long ago, the famous brand PaulSmith and EBOY pixel painter co-designed the launch of PaulSmithTennisShoe, the upper pixel painting patterns using the most representative of PaulSmith style city "London." PixelArt emphasizes an icon-based image with a sharp outline, crisp color and good at representing cartoons. The biggest advantage of using pixel composition is the ability to show a lot of detail in a very limited display space. eBoy is a group formed in 1998 by four German designers Steffen Sauerteig, Kai Vermehr, Svend Smital and Peter Stemmler. They are good at making the most basic element of digital image - "pixel" Planes, fonts, games and websites, wonderful and imaginative imagery make them popular. eBoy built a virtual city on their website, "eCity," a bizarre fantasy world in which buildings, vehicles, people, and everything in the city are made up of pixels that appear to be rigid Pixel small box into the eBoy hands, transformed into a very visual tension and dramatic picture, clumsy perspective also revealed eBoy's irony on computer graphics technology.

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