P2S winter dress fresh lady wind to become the focus of the gathering

P2S products in the design concept of synchronization with the international fashion, fully reflects the unique style of the cosmopolitan city, the rich style of the brand symbol of the Shanghai metropolitan freedom, enthusiasm, cheerful and dynamic, but also reflects the city's classic, sophisticated, confident and romantic, in life More elegant and graceful, elegant exudes the wisdom of light, covering a unique style and distinctive fashion personality.


Stitching dress is very suitable for winter coat inside the dress, fresh lady style exciting.

P2S冬装连衣裙 清新淑女风成为聚会焦点

Big red dress when you attend the party to take off the coat is not very bright? Vivid colors make it easy for you to become the focal point.

JNPFOOTWEAR`s is making comfortable, classic , essential Men`s shoes.

We have the men`s loafer for driving, classic warm Men`s Winter Boots for cold winter, cosy Men`s Winter Slippers for causal occasions, comfortable Men`s Indoor Slippers for relax.

For 8 years experience in this shoes areas, really appreciated our clients feedback, when we make our Men`s Shoes collections, we always considering

  • Big and wide size men`s shoes(some styles to UK13/Euro 46/M14, cause most of our shoes are selling Western countries)
  • Durable and good sole resistance out sole for a long walk
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Quality materials which makes the shoes look neat and comfortable

Below is our Men's Shoes collections , feel free to contact us, if you have any ideas or request of them. Your comments are always appreciate.

Men's Loafers
Men's winter slippers
Men S Winter Boots
Men's Indoor Slippers
Men's Loafers Men's Winter Slippers Men's Winter Boots Men's Indoor Slippers

Men's Shoes

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