Ou Weini ni women - urban women's fashion personality

At the beginning of the 21st century, an Ovivitini woman in Shanghai who took on the European style and integrated French and Italian costumes into Chinese elements was born. "She" is very young and energetic, "she" grows rapidly, goes all over the country and goes to the world.


Original, diverse design techniques, focusing on the overall mix; black and white gray classic colors, interspersed with international fashion color; focus on fashion, personality, urban feel and femininity.


Colorful brilliant colors, full of urban women's elegant, high-waist design will show the most beautiful female figure.


Low-key colors show high-profile elegance, simple decoration to create personalized fashion.

"Oviednett" serves as a metropolitan woman for ages 25-45 with some sensitivity to fashion trends in apparel.
Fashion brand , each season will be its diversified design practices, quick and sensitive to reflect the trend of the season, and strive to show the perfect blend of art and application of high-quality fashion.

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