Online store seller spike preparation

[China Glass Network] 1. As a seller, you must have a psychological preparation for failure in the spike event. Don't think that you have made the profit, there is no reason not to succeed. You know, your thoughts don't necessarily agree with others. The important thing is to sum up the experience after each spike event and prepare for the success of the next event. No one can be proficient at first.
2, as a seller, encounter buyers who do not understand to be tolerant, especially because there is no second to the baby and question you, and even personal attacks. These users may be your old customers in the future. Here I suggest that you publicize it in the spike announcement to kill unnecessary misunderstandings in the cradle.
The mentality required by the seller to participate in the spike activity 1. Prepare the inventory of the spike baby. Do not appear to kill the product. The store credit is damaged because of the source of the goods. At the same time, the inventory of the main selling baby in the store should also be well stocked. After all, during the spike activity period, it is the peak of traffic, which is very important for the sales of the store.
2, do a good job of the baby's packaging materials, to ensure that the spike baby can safely reach the user's hand must do a good transport packaging, do not ignore this ring because it is a spike baby. Let users have a good experience before they come to your store online shopping.
3, if the personnel allow, it is better to find a few people to pack well in advance, if you sell well, you can ask the courier company to send someone to help, I believe they will be very happy.
4. Do relevant training for customer service in advance, especially for the spike rule. Customer service represents your store. If the customer service statement does not match the spike rule, when the dispute arises, the second child will be subject to the comments of your customer service.
5, later, in the spike page to elaborate the rules of spike, because when there are many people concerned, the customer service can not respond to the user's questions one by one. It has been shown first to reduce the pressure on customer service and to facilitate the investigation of disputes.


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