ok100 children's clothing care for children's health for their parents at ease

ok100 Children's clothing brand mission: to respect, care for children's ideas and healthy fashion clothing to all the world's parents and children, because of this mission so that ok100 has been insisting until now, but also because of this mission, so that more parents and children Trust for ok100 support. ok100 Let every child become lively and confident atmosphere, have their own ideals, have rich inner, rich feelings, awe-inspiring righteousness, leaving unforgettable memories of childhood, ok100 Children's fashion wardrobe experts, Let children's childhood dress has a confident temperament. ok100 not only in the fashion trend dominant, the most important thing is the comfortable and healthy fabrics, the choice of fabrics focus on environmental protection and texture, keen on the use of cotton, silk, cashmere and other natural eco-friendly materials, with distinctive color to create a stylish visual charm Enjoy, let the children glow a vitality and elegant childhood fashion gesture.

  • Luxury Weighted Blanket with duvet cover.
  • Fine-grade glass beads made from recycled materials.
  • Protect your weighted blanket by adding a duvet cover. It's machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • The duvet cover makes your weighted blanket look great in any room.

Weighted Blanket Set

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