Nine PUGSHOP easy to shop happy to make money

Since its establishment in 2006, Guangzhou (Taiwan) Chuangmeiqi Garments Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the management guideline of "people-oriented, practical life, honest work, win-win common ground", and has the spirit of "exceeding ourselves, sincere cooperation and win-win" Business purposes, "dedicated, pioneering and innovative; integrity, unity and progress" as the backbone of the enterprise spirit, closely follow the tide of market economy changes, innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and strive to create PUGSHOP clothing brand high-quality service, so that enterprises towards internationalization.


Into 2011, Guangzhou (Taiwan) a US-odd clothing Co., Ltd. International large-scale network sales team matures, physical stores continue to expand the sales area to the present mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, France, Singapore and other countries And areas, a US-odd clothing will also continue to uphold the integrity of management, enthusiastic service, continuous innovation, create a win-win concept to seek greater development.

PUGSHOP九大优势 轻松开店 快乐赚钱

Nine big advantages easy to shop happy to make money
1, production advantages - independent factories, durability, security volume, security production;
PUGSHOP its own factories, hundreds of production lines operating 24 hours, all processes up to first-class international standards, quality and quantity of production, ready orders at any time getting goods. 2, research and development advantages - professional team design and development, to ensure that every week to push the trend of new models;
PUGSHOP set up its own professional design team, hired an international clothing designer, to protect every trend of clothing, security for each apparel users like.
3, style advantages - hundreds of products, to ensure that every customer needs to meet;
The company strong production and design team backing to ensure that every Monday a new time, so that each store has a new change every week.
4, quality advantages - 100% inspection of all products after QC;
All apparel strictly in accordance with world-class standards of production, three procedures to check to ensure that 100% of products qualified.
5, sales advantage - all products underwriting, support 100% return;
All models supervise sales, 100% return.
6, trading advantages - the first open all transactions, the transaction easier and more secure;
The company orders a multi-platform security transactions, goods more secure to the hand, the next single way more convenient and efficient.
7, brand advantage - PUGSHOP ten years of quality, witness hundreds of millions of users;
Pugshop brand women from home to abroad, hundreds of millions of female friends witness the fine quality of ten years.
8, after-sale advantage - all the stores from time to time to guide each shop with a dedicated customer service and supervision of the entire track;
Open PUGSHOP brand women's clothing shop, from the opening site to the late sales, customer service throughout the service, opening late one-on-one sales guide, supervision from time to time patrol shop.
9, advertising advantages - PUGSHOP addition to a large number of publicity network, a large number of various types of fashion magazine advertising.
PUGSHOP millions of local advertising every year, you shop, I promote, open a shop, a successful store.

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