MYMOMENT women show women elegant, stylish charm

MYMO MENT, the Spanish women's fashion brand ; MYMOMENT brand Chinese meaning for the "my moment, my moment", which is unique MYMOMENT brand personality ... ... advocate full of confidence, with the concept of a stylish personality of women.


MYMOMENT brand to mature women fashion consumer for the object, most of its clothing imported natural fabrics and unique high-tech fabrics, mix a variety of styles to design, simple, elegant, stylish and not publicity, is a representative of young fashion, Show the personality charm, taste the unique international women's brand.

MYMOMENT女装 显示女性高贵优雅、时尚的魅力

MYMOMENT consumer groups mainly for the 23-40-year-old fashion-oriented women, showing the elegance of women, fashion charm.

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