Moustia floral dress cool and beautiful co-exist

The hot summer weather, Misia Floral Korean women's irregular dress blue dress will make you feel like in the sea, enjoy the boundless sea breeze, cool and beautiful coexist, comfortable and stylish dance.


Tensed clear silk fabric, irregular skirt design, uninhibited fashion personality even more unique taste, from the inside through the color design, creative design techniques, more fashion sense of hierarchy, beautiful heart Printing, emitting a sweet atmosphere! Slim, comfortable, the most comfortable summer clothing. This is the cool Korean fashion women's charm.

蜜西娅碎花连衣裙  清凉与美丽并存

Exquisite Printed Fabric, beautifully decorated, embodies the good use of the details of the interpretation of the exquisite, the pursuit of the perfect design concept, the long version of the design, move around to show your elegant and agile, Reiki pressing, light fabric, feel comfortable and silky, Wearing a cool waist with husband root, piercing graceful posture is truly fascinating.

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