MOREASE adjustment underwear to help women in pursuit of excellence

Adjust the type of underwear brand MOREASE imported from Europe and other raw materials for female friends to bring in line with Asian women's underwear boutique to help women in pursuit of excellence.


Dream by Poem MOREASE is not just to provide adjustable underwear products, but also to help women friends to enhance self-confidence and image of the secret weapon. According to the poems MOREASE underwear adjustment is a group of consumers seeking excellence, love their own women, they taste, understand life, elegant fashion.

Dream by poetry MOREASE conditioning underwear imported from Europe and other fabrics, they have radiation, absorbent, breathable, warm in summer and cool in the characteristics of each product are Mary Kuang carefully designed, Seiko secret agents made. Will be fully into an international and professional underwear clothing business, and strive to become China's women's underwear fashion well-known brands.

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