More than one hundred home paintings in Kunming exhibited

On December 27th, the “Qiao Qiao Jia - Sketching Works of Yunnan Oil Painting Society” was successfully concluded at the Kunming Special Feature Exhibition.

The exhibition was jointly organized by the Yunnan Oil Painting Society and the Yunnan Art Magazine. From December 17th onwards, it took more than 100 paintings of Qiaojia County's scenery and oil paintings. It is reported that these works were mainly from October 11 to October 17. More than 20 famous oil painters in Yunnan, under the leadership of Yunnan Oil Painting Society Tang Zhigang, Secretary General Mao Jie, and “Art Yunnan” curator Zhu Yongxiang, in-depth Qiaojia County Baihetan hydropower station dam area, Qiaojiaying, Jinsha River and other places, launched the "Yunjing Qiaojiao of the Yunnan Yunnan Oil Painting Society", and indulged in the creation of the works of "Qijing Qiaojia".

“The Art of Yunnan Yunnan Oil Painting Society's Secret Creation of the Jing Qiao Family” activity aims to “look at the two river valleys in the northeast of Yunnan and touch Tangshan for a long time” in an attempt to use the artist’s vision to borrow local cultural landscapes, natural landscapes and the artist’s mind. Dialogues, discovering, moving, expressing and ultimately presenting on the canvas, allow the unique culture and natural charm of Qiaojia to be recognized and appreciated by people, and comprehensively enhance the cultural soft power of the Qiao family. In the creative activities, the artists were astounded by the ingenious nature of Qiaojia, such as the magnificent Jinsha River, the beautiful and verdant Niulan River, the majestic Daifan Mountain, the steep and steep ancient plank road, and the irrelevant silver beach. The beautiful and rich charm of the church culture and the colorful folk customs attracted and touched the heart and created a series of oil paintings with profound meanings, life styles, and unique styles.

The successful activities of the “Qiaojing Qiaojiao - Yunnan Oil Painting Society's Sketching Exhibition” and the “The Art of Yunnan Yunnan Oil Painting Society's Sketch Creation Qiaojia” not only promoted the tourism resources of Qiaojia County, but also was The home has added a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere and has enhanced the creative level of local oil painting enthusiasts.

After the exhibition is finished, these excellent works will be made into an album.

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