MATERIAL GIRL material girls women's clothing 2014 winter new products trend with

MATERIAL GIRL material girls women's clothing 2014 winter new product trend display, intensified holiday atmosphere, so that materialgirl abnormal turmoil ~ brilliance, bright, charming, the use of these words more appropriate at this time! ! !

Single product recommendation:

Flower down jacket RMB799.00

Lettering Pullover RMB299.00

Letter printing half skirt RMB229.00

With the star language:

Letter sweater suit, adorned with large metal chains, shining party queen is you!

Single product recommendation:

Striped short fur RMB429.00

Geometric print dress RMB329.00

With the star language:

Sexy baggown dress plus fur. Looks like a simple mix with different materials and shapes. Remove fur to bring the mature atmosphere, but more sexy and lively.

Single product recommendation:

Geometric drop shoulder coat RMB1099.00

Sexy Lips Dress RMB 369.00

With the star language:

The full-body print with lip prints liberated itself from the conservative, and the proportion of long coats and dresses appeared to be wearer's spirit and vitality.

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