Marketing websites must have perfect content support

[China Glass Network] In the past, the "Top Ten Standards for Marketing Website Construction" was listed as a whole. Here, we will talk about the content construction of marketing websites from the details. The content of the marketing website is to better improve the user experience and the friendliness of the search engine, thereby improving the user conversion rate and the ranking of the search engine;

First, the marketing content of the home page content

Because the homepage of the website is a page with a higher weight in the search engine and more visits, the content design must be expressed in text form and highlight the core selling points of the whole station. Pay attention to the text layout. The position of the placement, the number of texts, and the content of the text; the position of the content must be considered in the reader's reading order (reading order is upper left, middle, right), and the reading order of the viewer is also the order in which the search engine reads, so this is very Important, the number is about 200 words. Too many texts will make the viewers not click deeply. The text is too small for the search engine, and the keywords should be designed in front of the content. The sentence is better, but also the link to the keyword (internal chain), which is friendly to the search engine;

Second, marketing-type website navigation content

The navigation of a marketing website is like a catalogue of a book. By understanding the navigation content, you can have a preliminary understanding of the whole station;

Let's take a look at this website. Just look at the navigation. Who knows what products this website is promoting; if we optimize the current navigation, the core content of the website will be highlighted, the content will be clearly defined and the keywords of the website will be displayed. On the navigation, this will improve the user experience, and the second is to make the search engine more friendly; as follows:

Home/About Us/Products/Customer Service/Human Resources/Contact Us;

Home/Gift Show/About Win/Customer Service/Human Resources/Contact Winners;

Third, the content of the page within the marketing website
To make the content of the website bring real browsing value to the customer, not only depends on the rich content but also the depth of the content, the accuracy and authority of the content; the originality of the website content is also a better way to improve the quality of the website. , bringing traffic to the site while also increasing the number of visits to the search engine;

Content design is distinct

The customer cares about the website's concern. To place the content that the customer cares about is more prominent, not only to clearly describe the content of the accounting heart, but also to express the authority and professionalism of the enterprise through text introduction, and to dispel the customer's doubts through the FAQ form. Improve the user experience;

Length and width of the content

When adding the text content of the website, the length should be easy to be about one screen and a half. If the text content is too much, you can turn the page. This design has no fatigue for the user. If the text is too much, the page is too long. I will be afraid that the authoritative and professional introduction will also make customers lose interest in reading;

Pay attention to the length, the width of the text also plays an important reading experience, the text is not easy to be too small at about 14PX, a line of text is not too wide, the width is about 500PX;

The title should use H1, strong, alt and other tags, bold / add links (including keywords or have internal links), to be

When setting, be careful to call the style externally, such as:

Note: padding: 0; margin: 0 must be added, otherwise the title after H1 setting will have a high spacing from the next line;

Fourth, marketing-type website content details - typesetting

1. Font size - title

And set the text style size generally from 16px to 18px; body text 14px

2. Line spacing setting - 1.5 times line spacing;

3. Paragraph spacing - two or one



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