Macy home service allows you to be his beautiful romantic little woman at home

Guangdong MELS underwear Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and headquartered in the "China underwear town" - South China Sea Yanbu, after 20 years of rapid, sustained and stable development, has become specialized in the development of women's underwear design, planning Promotion, production and processing, marketing, integrated enterprise.


Meisi underwear for 25-45-year-old urban new women design, confident, natural, free and unrestrained soul, romantic and elegant but there is no lack of maturity and stability, no lack of intensity, a bit of petty bourgeoisie, love art, a unique feeling of color , There is always a desire to express one's wish that something can help convey one's inner emotions and show one's innermost true world with artistry.

美思家居服 让你在家中做他的唯美浪漫小女人

Macy logo "M" shape like a woman Johnson, plump breast shape, but also like a dancing butterflies in free flying, smooth Smart lines to hide the "heart" shape, a symbol of love, cleverly put the brand culture and core Value hidden in them. Enthusiasm of the United States "red", more fully demonstrated the pursuit of mature women's fashion life and from the inside of the elegant charm.

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