Louis Blue Emperor Men's continuation of the Mediterranean man's freedom and romance

LOUIS-LUNDY was born in the art capital of Milan, is the representative of the Italian fashion brand men's clothing, is the only one named men's brand name Aristocrats, representing the freedom and romance of the Mediterranean men, represents a cozy and romantic cultural style, style Style design are from the hands of the Italian fashion masters, its innovative style, innovative style, bold design, more able to show the self-confidence and calm man, selection of high-grade silk, cashmere, high-quality leather and other materials fully demonstrated the man The distinguished and extraordinary, much success of men of all ages, quickly swept the Italian high-class, but also laid the Louis Blue Emperor's international men's brand status. Beijing LOUIS-LUNDY (Louis Blue Emperor) sole agent of branded Louis Vuitton Clothing Co., Ltd. in Beijing in mainland China's sales and marketing business. The company has extensive experience in brand management, sound marketing strategy, experienced design team and strong group strength. Based on the full use of brand advantages, the company further followed the internationalized brand management approach and relied on the complete and professional global design system, technical support system, product planning system, production management system, market operation system, strategic marketing system and market expansion system , Image management system, training supervision system, customer service system and cooperative operating system portfolio, to LOUIS-LUNDY's many partners to provide a sound service to ensure that the multi-win-win situation, but also to ensure that LOUIS-LUNDY brand business Thrive and sustainable development. Style Positioning: stylish, elegant, noble, classic, mature Target groups: urban 25-45 years old pursuit of fashion, elegant and comfortable design concept: LOUIS-LUNDY from the heart of a more detailed understanding of men and clothing, its Many followers are not fashion follow-up, but personality advocates, more stylish creators. A little unruly yet harmonious beauty of the costumes, so LOUIS-LUNDY simple and smooth lines, detailed and luxurious texture, and comfortable, comfortable blend of modern fashion style, as one contract, to the elegance, self-expression of life attitude. Just like the man under the charm of the night, let the sexy revealed without trace. Bring authentic European designs to the lives of successful, stylish men.

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