London Fashion Week last day: the most exaggerated accessories PK most simple accessories

London 2011 Winter Fashion Week on the 23rd into the last day. When people's eyes linger in the latest season of major brands of clothing release, those bags, shoes, hats and other accessories are also unwilling, have debut, snatch people's attention. Bizarre effects also brought a different kind of taste to the London Fashion Week season, "the most exaggerated accessories" to "punk godmother" Vivian Westwood, her design will never lack the avant-garde. This season, she is exaggerated to play most vividly, the human body has become part of clothing accessories. On the show floor, each model painted a "face mask" with oil on the face, some in a headscarf with a hat, while Others wore fluffy, messy hair and rebelliously wearing a crown-shaped headdress. When a dark skinned model covered with gold pieces face, wearing oversized black sunglasses appeared on the T stage, the audience sounded a bravo. The seventy-year-old woman is still able to conquer the discerning audience with exaggeration and avant-garde. Models showcased British designer Paul Smith 's Fall / Winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week British veteran designer Paul Smith abandoned the luxury, back to the true design as "the most simple accessories." Exaggerated, neutral clothing design, with a masculine rough Leather Shoes, simple solid color wool hat and a narrow tie. These ornaments, in the interpretation of the models who show the soft in the tough. Bag will always be a woman's friend. Britain's domestic high-end leather goods brand Marlboro bag family added a lot of new members this season. These creative inspiration from autumn and winter rustic and pastoral life bag, become the season's "most romantic accessories." From the classic Bayswater to the new Tillie, this season, the main colors of the Marlborough are earth tones with a rustic touch. Emma Hill, Creative Director of the Malibu, said she wanted to dedicate this season's design to women who pursue color and love tradition.

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